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Berleyo After Sales Service Policy

Technology Department

If you are caught in some technical questions when using our products, welcome to call our technical support center. The phone is 28506311

Warranty Repair/Exchanges

Free returns within seven days

From the date of purchase within 7 days, the damage caused by non-human factor, Berleyo will be responsible for the free repair or replacement. (The relevant freight would be born by Berleyo)

Free exchange or repair
   From the date of purchase within 1month, you can choose exchange or repair due to the quality problem. (We pay the charges half respectively. You send it to us then you pay the transport expense, and so do we.)

1 year Free Warranty

All products purchased from our company are guaranteed to keep in good repair for one year. From the date of purchase within 1 year, please send back the product to factory for repair due to the quality problem. And these will not produce any materials or labor costs.That the freight shall be borne by the user

Lifelong Maintenance  

After-sales service isn’t restricted by time, after the warranty period, we will continue to offer lifelong warranty service, but replacing the spare parts, the buyer should pay for the materials and service fee.

Parts Management
1.If customers buy in bulk our products, we shall provide some accessories with corresponding parts (2%) according to certain proportion.

  1. The products were damaged beyond the warranty period, the repair materials and accessories are charged only the cost price, and the buyer also need to pay for labor cost.

Return and Repair Time Limit

  • As for the returned or replaced goods, we will handle it within one week after receiving product.
  • As for repaired goods, a single product repaired period is not more than 5 working days.

Moreover, bulk repaired time depend on the quantity and complexity problems.

The Exemption Clause
1. The damage was caused by human causes (such as broken, violent collision) or external conditions change (such as the original configuration of non-use rechargeable power)

  • Damage was caused by unauthorized repair.
  • The barcode on camera or parts are damaged, missing, altered or inconsistent with the product.
  • Products are damaged due to external accidental factors: improper usage, alteration, adjustment, neglect, wear and tear, inappropriate installation, improper connection with peripherals and external power problems, broken glass, broken LCD screen.
  • The failure or damage was caused by natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire etc.)
  1. Non-original configuration parts

7, the failure occurs beyond the warranty

The above mentioned during the warranty period, you will not qualify for free return, replacement or repair. But SIEPEM will continue to provide reimbursement, you just need to pay for the spare parts and labor cost.



  1. First you had better contact with our technical support center first and discuss if the products need to be sent back to factory for repair.
  2. When send back to the damaged product, please attach a piece of paper stating the repaired reason, the detailed address, phone number and contact person. You just need to send back the damaged camera and the power adapter.


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