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Frequently Asked Questions


Whether D1 have Listen and Audio functions? 2017-09-12T06:57:13+00:00

No listen and Audio functions, not Support Unidirectional and bidirectional voice.

Whether D1 have night vision effect, and what is the function of the outdoor camera’s LED light? 2017-09-12T06:54:25+00:00

D1 has a night version light, it is a white LED, can Snap face image and send this image to phone.

How long is the distance between Smart phone and router? 2017-09-12T06:54:18+00:00

Phone connect the same LAN as the indoor device or phone connect outer net, including 3G/4G or other WIFI.

D1 Working principle diagram

How long is the RF transmission distance between indoor device and outdoor device? 2017-09-12T06:54:02+00:00

RF: 30 meters, Penetrability: can support transmission between two
brick walls or two wooden walls.

What is kind of batteries installed in outdoor device? 2017-09-12T06:55:05+00:00

Two AAA or triple-A dry cell batteries , can work for about one year

Whether the indoor device’s ringtone can be adjusted? 2017-09-12T06:54:55+00:00

This ringtone can not been adjusted, such as the volume,ringtone type, etc.

In which case need to reset and what setting information have been changed after resetting? 2017-09-12T06:54:41+00:00
  1.  The first time to connect indoor device to phone APP, In generally, the indoor device have reset OK after factory settings.
  2. If change Camera’s WiFi environment,you must reset and reconnect.

How to reset?
Power on device, press “reset” button for about 3~5s, the power indicator flashing every second.

After resetting:

  1. The RF connection between indoor device and outdoor device are well-connected as usual
  2. Indoor camera return to factory settings
  3. The indoor device have disconnected with wireless router
  4. The messages in phone APP message center have still saved.


How long is the WiFi transmission distance between indoor device and wireless router? 2017-09-12T06:57:22+00:00

30 meters

C Series FAQ

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Can connect and view in LAN but can not in WAN 2017-09-12T08:14:35+00:00
Camera reboot automatically from time to time 2017-09-12T08:03:39+00:00
Camera display offline after replace the Router 2017-09-12T07:36:52+00:00
Camera cannot connect after the password of the WiFi changed 2017-09-12T07:34:51+00:00
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Open Audio and Talk noise appear 2017-09-12T08:24:06+00:00
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